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Cooking with shunned vegetables

Sponsored by Alimentos de España

Using cooking to empower vegetables and greens that do not adhere to pre-established aesthetic rules.

In developing countries, food loss occurs in the production chain and affects small-scale farmers in particular. The FAO estimates that some 30-40% of total production is lost before it reaches markets. The beauty standards set for vegetables are one of the conditioning factors when it comes to choosing vegetables; any that are misshapen, not the right size or colour, or have minimal superficial damage are rejected. 

To show that there is a solution, Rafa Monge, from Cultivo Desterrado, and Luiti Callealta, from Restaurante Ciclo, are working on a farmer-chef collaboration project to avoid waste in the fields by using Cultivo Desterrada’s shunned vegetables as part of culinary creations. 




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