Madrid Fusión


The Azurmendi Circle

Raw materials and produce that are on his doorstep are what nourish this Basque man’s understanding of visual beauty.

Azurmendi is the perfect vessel for the gastronomic magic that stems from his ideology. A very visual kind of magic that, now more than ever, is based on the best and most local raw materials and produce. Eneko Atxa (44) will be in Madrid to explain how and why he uses his immediate surroundings to inspire every meal. And by immediate he means working with suppliers who are less than 30km from the restaurant. 

According to The World’s 50 Best, the building that houses the World’s Most Sustainable Restaurant 2018 recycles rainwater, takes advantage of daylight, has climate and ventilation control systems, has a greenhouse, and has planted over 800 trees to reduce CO2. Outside, among other things, there are even charging posts for electric vehicles.




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