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Modern thinking

How do you create a cuisine that is based on choices that establish not only the idea of gastronomy but also its impact?

Gastronomy does not only involve technique and ingredients, there is always a philosophy implied behind it. Every one of the ideas that nourish this philosophy requires a decision, a choice that today is more important than ever. Today’s gastronomy is turning towards sustainability and it is on this premise that Davide Caranchini has based his way of cooking and his business. 

‘Modernity resides in the mind,’ claims this Italian chef, who applies this credo to every aspect of the food he prepares and which, although is connected to the land, does not live off the past. He’ll show us how to use every part of an ingredient, and share how important small-scale local growers and producers are in defining this new – and youthful – cuisine that has sprung up around Lake Como, in northern Italy. 




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