Madrid Fusión


Responsible hedonism, the pleasure of the minimal

Sponsored by Mallorca

Constantly linked to the land that envelops her, this cook from Mallorca is clear what her path is, ‘The future must be sustainable or there won’t be one.’

Committed from the very start to sustainability, that of gastronomy in general and her restaurant and food specifically, Maria Solivellas’ presence at this edition of Madrid Fusión is practically essential. She will explain her culinary path and life path that have been shaped by the aforementioned title, showing how she found meaning ‘in my work by studying the relationship our ancestors had with the land, and from the farming and gastronomic wealth we inherited from them.’

Ever since she took over at the helm of Ca na Toneta (Mallorca), Solivellas has offered a sustainable cuisine based on the circular economy and food sovereignty, concepts that have been more than confirmed as necessary; concepts ‘that can even be political actions. Because the future of our society and of our profession has to be sustainable or there won’t be a future.’




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