Madrid Fusión

Theory Session

Álvaro and Ricardo Palacios wines in Molecular Harmonies

World presentation of the first molecular analysis based on the Aromatic Science of Molecular Harmonies developed by François Chartier (Chartier World LAB), from the vineyards of the three wineries of Alvaro and Ricardo Palacios.

Ricardo Pérez Palacios (Bodegas Descendientes de J. Palacios) will take part in the talk on Molecular Harmonies by François Chartier (Créateur d’Harmonies - Chartier LAB Barcelona). Álvaro and Ricardo Palacios have given the Chartier World LAB team the chance to develop an aromatic map so that chefs and sommeliers around the world can create new recipes and pairings inspired by the aromatic profiles of wines from three family wineries located in three different designations of origin (Priorat, Bierzo and Rioja). Under the umbrella of Madrid Fusión, The Wine Edition will show the results of these studies in a world première.




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