Madrid Fusión


Chef of the Year Award – “Green Activists”

Sponsored by Silestone by Cosentino

This year marks the 19th anniversary of the Chef of the Year Award.

Considered one of the most noteworthy awards given at Madrid Fusión, the Chef of the Year Award acknowledges a chef’s distinctive contribution to gastronomy. On this occasion, however, the award will go to not just one but eight prominent chefs. This year, Madrid Fusión rewards a group of “Green Activists”, chefs who have seen all the culinary potential of the vegetal world and celebrate it.  

This edition’s winners are: 

Andoni L. Aduriz

Rodrigo de la Calle

Ricard Camarena

Xavier Pellicer

Ignacio Echapresto

Javier Olleros

Fernando del Cerro 

Luis Callealta




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