Madrid Fusión


Behind the scenes: to see what we don’t see

This documentary directed by Jorge Martínez takes a deep look into Spanish haute cuisine through its protagonists: chefs and their teams.

Featuring Quique Dacosta, Ángel León, Pablo González Conejero, Andoni Luis Adúriz, Joan Roca, Bittor Arginzoniz and Oriol Castro, and with the participation of Ferran Adrià, Luki Huber and Rafael García Santos, the documentary takes us into the debate on gastronomic creativity, processes and teams, but most importantly, it takes us behind the scenes, to see into the most ground-breaking restaurants of Spain, the world’s leading country in creative cuisine.

Restaurants are just the representation, the most visible and mediatised part of an activity whose main ingredients – creativity, research and experimentation – we don’t always get to see. Behind the scenes lays it all out in front of the camera. 




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