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Ricard Camarena

Chef at Ricard Camarena Restaurant** (Valencia, Spain)

Clearly committed from day one to Valencia’s vegetables gardens and its sea, Camarena has created a cuisine based on seasonality in which flavours are ensured by using top-quality produce.

Among the passions of the young Ricard Camarena were cooking and music...the former won the battle. Deciding to lay aside his trumpet and scores he has devoted himself to a cuisine based on local produce, one that has earned him several awards. He has garnered three Michelin stars (Arrop, Arrop Valencia, and Ricard Camarena Restaurant), as well three Repsol suns for his current gourmet restaurant. In 2018, the French guidebook awarded him a second star and soon after he also won the National Gastronomy Prize.

In addition to his flagship restaurant, Camarena also has a more cosmopolitan eatery called Canalla Bistro, and his Central Bar is a more affordable option based on local produce. Ricard Camarena Colón is an events venue, and his R&D centre is called Ricard Camarena Lab.  

Ricard Camarena




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